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Black Friday Deals You Out.


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So, let me tell you a little bit about this Black Friday deals you out. What's the deal anyway, right? The story starts with my first single "Do not drop the child" which was released on Monday. And by the way, you can buy this single on Amazon. Here's the link. What happens next is that A friend of mine who is a talented choreographic director discovers it on Friday and deals out a proposition for me.


She liked the track and wants me to collaborate with her dance project that is supposed to be performed in a couple of months or so. She gave me some music references that she got the images in her head from and the approximate scenes and sequences.


So I started to work. The basic narrative was supposed to be an aggressive kick drum with a figure of shorts notes at the end of a pattern. So it was a black month of going back and forth looking for a perfect seed. And at the end of each week, each Friday deal was thrown in the garbage can.




After this martyrdom, I came up with the idea of changing the time signature to 6 of eights. I always liked this two-triplet pulse. It has so much space! Oh my god, the more genius each decision the more effort it demands to connect it with the idea.


Let me explain to you why it seems such a big deal. There are many ways of approaching a music project:


  1. pure improvisation. one of my favorites. you just fly by the wind in whatever direction. the structure is being led by the material
  2. choose a standard structure and fill it with the material. it's simple but sometimes can be boring
  3. create a specific structure first. it's interesting but risky. it can cause a conceptacle conflict down the road.
  4. the old-school Going from the Idea by composing specific material by selecting and culling different tones, motives, sequences. That is the black that deals you only anxiety and time-loss
  5. partial improvisation. it's the most comfortable way. you just developing from some material using elements of improvisation.


Of course, I choose the hard one. would I have a story either way! When I found the perfect combination of the beat and just one note of guitar and one long note of a synth i was so happy. but that was the beginning of a nightmare...




By the way, it's a good story too. When I found this beat (which you'll be able to hear very soon. sign up and so won't miss the release) I was sure that I need screaming silence in the long pause in the second bar between kicks. the solution was clear - I need a wide reverb here. And synth I used for stepping down the second beat in the bar. here's the thing. I believe, music rhythm is based on three whales:


  1. the pulse
  2. combination of short and long notes
  3. accents


SO, when you are composing a rhythm that is missing some main anchor beats you may need them somehow somewhere. because while you can hear them in your mind your listener can misinterpret the rhythm. That's why I put the synth note there.


Now I have the perfect seed for my music. And I started to play with material, looking for something. it was the time I need to show something to the choreograph. long story short, we came to mutual understanding with her that my work doesn't fit with her project. and it was one of the greatest and wisest decisions - to stop it.


By the way, you can stream and download my late Black Friday Deals You Out on Amazon


Yes. I'm doing SEO for promoting my music and squeezing the text to the key black friday deals sometimes quirky. but can you blame an independent musician for giving people a small chance to perceive his music (SMILE) ? Why is it OK for crooks and advertisers, but when it comes to musicians they are low all of a sudden? and the story that i told you here is true and even all the uses of the words Friday, black, and deals are almost accurate.




Anyhow. I still had pretty good material which is very rich with images and black philosophy. And I was (and I am) struggling with recognition of my music. So what if I could use the Black Friday hype to get some audience. And it wasn't too late, Black Friday deals were in the dawn. It's just a thought, right? Just a glimpse of my creative and greedy imagination.


Usually, before such a decision, I put pros and cons on the scales. But I remembered right at that moment how a couple of months ago I refreshed Black Fridays in the US of 2013?? and re-watched videos. Man, was I devastated. And then I remembered my first and only late Black Friday deals in 2013- two pairs of drum sticks. I stayed out the whole line for hours hoping to get some gear in a music shop. So back to the ground. Suddenly there was no hard ethical decision. I have plenty of feelings that I can relate to.


So the idea was born and I restarted the project. And very soon I realized that this late Black Friday project turns out to be very ignorant. I needed some pretty dark cloud above my head to accumulate all this negativity. "Not even an issue," - I said to myself - "I'm gonna divide steps day by day". So according to this plan I was supposed to be done by the end of the week. And so I assign a role for each day:


  • Monday deals with the structure
  • Tuesday deals with the material
  • Wednesday deals with recording
  • Thursday deals with mixing
  • Friday deals with mastering
  • Saturday deals with data and publishing
  • Sunday deals with promoting


But I was wrong...




The Monday-Tuesday step lasted for 2 weeks!  I decided to get help from movies and re-watched all the seasons of the "Goliath" series. Pretty dark narrative, and it's darker with each next season. Oh, about the structure! There was an interesting twist. You will hear it. I planned to do a transitional part between 3 and 4 parts. the 3 part's tail is hanging in the air with strong messy reverb and the 4th part starts with the main kick-beat with an empty extra bar, so yeas - the screaming silence becomes louder.


But when in preparation to start this transition I pulled this kick-beat with silence back right after this reverb tail it matched so well! "Oh my God! It's exactly like it's supposed to be!" In the creative process that happens. But I was stressed out if it would be late for black Friday, but I deal with that.


So I turned off my phone and all I did - I got up, fixed a meal and coffee for a next episode. And when the watched episode gave me some feelings, images (in this case about pure human evil) I tried to rip this sound out from my soul. So I gathered material between episodes of "Goliath" and the material pushed me to fix the structure. When I finished the last season it really hit me., I was devastated but it helped me to finish in two extra days.




Now that was the time to go from under the black cloud and mix all this mess into some listenable piece. The main thing about that piece is that it's 4 parts with an extremely contrasting arrangement. That deals with two problems - hard to find the right balance and master with similar loudness.


So, I hope the "Black Friday Deals You Out" Single isn't a too late black Friday deal and I hope you will listen to this track and could relate to my feelings and maybe it'll touch you. And when you do and when it does, please text me your thoughts and feelings, and maybe you will imagine a story within this music. I will be happy if you share! To do so you just text me in the form on the right. And you don't have a subscription on Amazon choose your favorite platform on the Music page. Have a nice day, friend!



A long story of a not too long music track.

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