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I'm gonna be simple here, my friend!

I play live improvisations in a fool-arrangement model. I create and mix a recording out of one of such improvisations. Then I release it as an official track. And then I perform it live as usually artists do - they  play their songs from their albums on concerts - but again with a lot of improvisation and variations. So you get to behold any step with me along the way!

My instruments are the plucked string  instruments such as electric guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, balalaika, all kinds of bass and double-bass instruments. Using a midi-keyboard I like to include all kinds of electronic and synthesized sounds and instruments starting with  piano, Rhodes, organs, and last but not least, noises and  effects. And of course, electronic drum-set.

I  almost never use drum beat, arpeggiators and samples. Technologies for me is just a way to expand the library  of sounds.  But to play every note with my hands is a crucial part of my art.  And finally, to  gather  all those sounds together in one pile  called "Music" I use    loop-recording method well known as of this moment. So, I guess you can call me a loop-station artist. To be honest, I don't keep track of everything that happens in music community and what new names people come up with. I have my guitar  near by computer at home. As soon as it gets into my hands I'm already playing something. And in 2 minutes I'm gonna be recording  something already

It's difficult to determine one strict style. I find my inspiration in sounds of guitars, but I like a clean room in the types of arrangement that you usually hear in styles like R'n'B, Soft Rock. I like jumpy rhythms and sounds of Funk styles. And I love me some piece of overdrive sometimes :-D

But, of course, my imagination can't stay in a limited choice. That's why I use all kinds of synths all the time. If you really have to find a name for my style, I would say it's Alternative Psychedelic Art Rock fluctuating between R'n'B and Electronic genres like Illbient and Experimental House.


I'm planning to perform two live video streams and release one new single every week. And I'm gonna publish couple of videos VOD on different platforms hopefully in the same week. And you get to follow my news feed where I will publish other content accordingly. I want to ask you to help me to come up with a finest schedule and tell me when you're the most comfortable to watch videos and live streams personally (what day, what time, what month)


My professional music career as a stage performer started long before I graduated the conservatory in 2013. It even started before I got into the music College. But couple of years ago before I got my first job I discovered Rock Music and I was completely fascinated by it.


As time goes by I grow fond of all kinds of genres which gives more perspectives on alternative sub-genres of Rock music. But no matter how deep is my love to Rock music I still considering it my hobbie and entertainment. And only in 2020 I'm deciding to start releasing my music.


In 2020 when I suddenly remembered how I took 2nd place in city jazz competition without age categories  being just a 10 year old kid I decided that I must release my music officially and put it in music history's annals regardless how big if any audience will it have.


So, since I play live as long as I remember myself, I'm finding myself in the world of music broadcast.


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